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Message from the Board

For the first two weeks of the soccer season, all games will be played at synthetic fields at either El Molino HS or Analy HS.

Team managers please enforce the following rules:

1. Only players are allowed on the track, all spectators should be outside the fence or on the bleachers.

2. There is NO drinking allow

3. Clean up after your games

4. Bathroom keys. There are bathroom keys at both schools, and only managers will get the key from the key combo boxes. Please get the key, open the bathrooms and then return the key to the combo box. The managers playing the last game are responsible for locking the bathroom. If we lose the key, we will be charged a minimum of $80hr ($40 per hour) for the custodial to come to the facility.

These are pretty new fields and let's make sure that we take care of them.

Have a great season


League Meeting

When: April 2nd, 2017, 5:00pm

Where: Epicenter, Meeting Room (north side) (between Bowling Lanes and Game area)

3215 Coffey Lane, Santa Rosa.





For more information go to


Galvin Park 

Field Conditions (707) 543-3474

Field information

updated by 3pm on weekdays and 8am on weekends





If you would like to join a team, post a message on our Bulletin Board.

If you already have a team, provide the following to your team coordinator:

For new players:

           Completed  Registration form,

           1" x 1" color picture,

           Copy of your driver license.

Managers. If you would like to schedule any of your games at

Trione fields, contact Hassanah Meechan @

$150 per game, or $35/hr (half field for practice).

Luchessi, contact Drew Halter at 707 778 4488 or



You can find us in facebook.

Feel free to post your request to join a team.




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Sonoma County Adult Coed Soccer League (SCACSL)  

If you have any comments about the website or would like to get more information about the league, please contact me via email at or come to one of the meetings.


SCACSL is a recreational outdoor soccer league for adult women and men players in Northern California. Santa Rosa, Rohnert Park, Sebastopol, Forestville, Petaluma, Cotati, Healdsburg, Sonoma, Windsor and other cities.




Date Event
Mar 5th League Meeting
Mar 18th  First game of the Season


Soccer News & Events

Sonoma County Sol

Home games at Santa Rosa HS

4/1 vs Stompers @ 7pm

4/15 vs Aguiluchos @ 7pm

4/29 vs Gold @ 7pm

5/27 vs Napa Valley @ 7pm

6/10 vs Stompers @ 7pm

7/8 vs Napa Valley @ 7pm